The 2016 Holiday Wearing Cool And Gorgeous Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

By | July 27, 2016

Our new sunglasses have always been the principle of each piece casting with 18K gold hands, in addition, our brand will choose from natural water ox horn in Europe as the material of the frame and the water buffalo horn and 18K gold combined to create the 18K Gold Classic buffalo horn spectacle frame series, the series of sunglasses for UK women has been the subject of much brand fans of all ages.

sunglasses for women1
And this month launched the “horn classic” LA-16V222HR is a 18K Gold classics water buffalo horn frame. Frames simplicity and generosity of non-frame styles, glasses legs is piece of natural water buffalo horn cutting, and sunglasses with best sales frame and the glasses legs at the joint is with 18K gold, and to hand engraved on the “Vienna carving”, the pattern source to 150-200 years ago in Vienna, Austria, when the Austrian Royal carved.

sunglasses for women2
Our brand 18K Gold Classic buffalo frames and 18K gold frame of the same,we have cheap sunglasses for different  guest lovers and collectors to provide 18K gold, 18k rose gold and 18K white gold three materials to choose from.

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